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I need brain therapy. Oh wait, I have already done that.

I have appointments with doctors that are never ending. I think some doctors are amazed by the positive attitude that I have being an out-patient from a long crazy tumor removal surgery. Am I supposed to be sad because it happened, or it was weighing me down that life is better that it is gone?

I think from what I have seen and read on the Internet, people have depressive reactions to tumors. I can’t be like that. Yes, it caused some damage to me like balance issues and hearing, but hey. I am alive and kicking, and that’s all that matters.

If you are going through this, just think of how life is better after all the craziness happens.

A lot of people ask me if it has effected my work. Well, no. I sit on the computer spitting out lines of codes where Internet browsers decipher it. I think it is a great job for the type of world we live in, and it is something that one has to be up to date with all the time. It keeps the brain active. 😉

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