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Are MRI’s bad for you, like constant magnatic beams to your head? I am not sure, but I have to wear a hospital gown every six months when I do one of those MRIs. It’s fascinating that medical devices such as the MRI can take detailed spliced images of your brain. It’s like revealing a dark secret you have been carrying around in your head (literally) for all those years. Until this day, I am very fascinated in human biology, and at times, I do regret not continuing on this path after second year university, and choosing the life of being technologically creative, but it took me a few years of working and creating software to actually enjoy the process of software development.

For those who are interested in knowing why I chose computer science, I will tell you the short tale. I was utterly enjoying my first year calculus class when a friend of mine that sat behind me, who was also in my biology and chemistry classes, decided that computer science is way cooler. She stared at me and said excitedly, “you want in too?” I looked at her and many thoughts permeated my head of why a science lover like me would want to be in techie program. I knew nothing about programming and I barely knew HTML. I did create my own web sites and spent numerous hours on the computer but I am not a programmer. Was I? She looked at me and said, “So? Should we apply to it?” I eyed her and said, “Yes.”

I was easily convinced. LOL I wasn’t the stubborn Capricorn that I am today.

Anyways, why did I mention earlier my MRI adventures? About 10 months after my surgery and three more MRI’s, my neurosurgeon informed me that I have a cyst, or he classified it as another tumour in my pituitary gland. It’s small, it hasn’t grown at all since my surgery, and I had a choice if I wanted to investigate further and visit an Endocrinologist. Good thing it was merely a phone conversation because I had a face of what the heck is wrong with my head. I blame my genes. They mutated along the way and decided to mark their presence in my 30’s and disturb my adventurous life. 😐

That was a year ago. I visited the Endocrinologist again last week after my first initial visit last year, and he showed me the MRI I did in December 2015, and the report written by my neurosurgeon. The report stated that my neurological fluids, etc are improving. I was giddy as a 5 years old. It was music to my ears and the best news I received in a few years. He also measured my pituitary swollen gland in the MRI and said, “It is still swollen, but smaller then 1 cm and hasn’t grown. You just need to do an MRI every year or two for it.”

I was like wohoo!

Life is good!

I wrote this post as an exercise in my procrastination regime. I was researching through my university’s library for intriguing journal articles for my assignment, but I missed blogging. 😉

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