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I have been asked to integrate InfusionSoft, a CRM and financial system, into our existing software. Before hand, I built our own administrative panel that is tied in to a separate finiancial system. Well, that was then. I know it is old and dated, but hear me out, it works. Sort of 95% of the time, but hey, it is not so bad and does its job.

Time to retire the old.

Anyways, it has not been a struggle at all. The API is there, and the integration seems to be working smoothly, but I noticed there are so many little factors to consider. It wasn’t like that before, and now as I am thinking about it, many custom fields have to be added. Boo!

I need to stop thinking about it. It is Sunday, and I should think of relaxing, watching movies, and maybe sqeeze in some TV. 😀

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