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I am puzzled of how some people put their ideas on paper. No comments. No structure. No pulling together ideas to work except for them to understand. I know there are rules to follow, but why are some not following it? They just preach to the choir, but they don’t do it themselves.

My struggle in the past few years in programming is to keep a company’s core alive, but I can’t seem to understand what other people’s methods are. Trial and error is what I have been doing, but there must be an efficient way to figure out any problem.

I don’t feel like starting over, because I have no idea if it is better time wise or not.

When I was in University, we were taught that no two programmers should have the same code, or even the same logic. However, when you go to the real world, some people’s codes are a puzzle to read, and companies expect you to learn some one else’s brain quickly. Their code has no basis except it “works.” I think that is Microsoft’s issue with their coding style. Windows 8 is not so bad, because I feel and know the structure was changed. Maybe it is not the best, but you know it has changed.

Oh, I don’t know what to do anymore then just figure it out. Even if I have to do the dreaded trial and error. Anyways, why are there rules? No one follows it anyways. They just do what they like because it is “awesome.” #whatever



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