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Hi everyone!

I am back and kicking. I still have the stitches in my head, but I feel great. I can’t do much yet, it has not even been 10 days since I was operated on for 12 hours! Yes, 12 hours! All I got out of it was a major pain in my right shoulder because of the position I was in.

What did I have? I had Acoustic Neuroma. It’s a benign tumor that was 4 cm long. I think the doctors were dumbfounded I was functioning. How did I discover it? Well, the tumor just happens, and it grows 1-2 mm a year. No sign or warning or anything shows up till after you are 30 years old. I lost my balance in my right leg. It was painful and frozen at times. I also lost the ability to write properly because I am right handed. The nerves in my head had a mind of their own.

So, early September I had enough and I went to my family doctor. I am a very healthy female, but I had these issues to complain about. She ordered me a CT scan, but they told her at the hospital to do an MRI instead. So I did. After the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, the family doctor told me right away to come in. She told me what the MRI report said and I couldn’t believe it. She said she will refer me to a neurosurgeon right away.

As November came a long, I got a call from an ENT doctor to come in and do more tests. I guess they wanted to make sure it was an Acoustic Neuroma tumor even though they were 99.99% sure it was. The biggest indication is I am almost deaf now on my right ear. Oh well! I never noticed it, and my left brain balance seems to be more powerful than ever. So the doctors told me I have to do surgery and the MRI looks unusual. They just couldn’t say it was insane! How am I walking! How am I functioning? If this happened to me a 50 years ago, then I wouldn’t live till next year.

Anyways, after seeing so many doctors, the neurosurgeon said, we have to do the operation within the next two weeks. I don’t know how I felt then. I was shocked. Sad. Irritated that this of all things is happening to me. The risks of the operation is high. The tumor is big. The neurosurgeon didn’t know he could take all of it out. I had many thoughts, but they all dissipated after a day or two when I realized that there isn’t anything to be sad about. Let’s get it over with. It disrupted my life enough, and it has to end. Now!

So the operation was booked December 4th, 2013. I wasn’t scared. I knew it was long, but I wanted the tumor out. The anesthesiologist said I was the most positive person she ever met. I lacked sleep anyways, and I wanted to be knocked out ASAP!

After almost 12 hours, I heard so many noises. It was a lot of people talking, and my hand hurt. It was then intelligible and I was asked, “What’s your name? Where are you? What’s the date? Lift your arms. Your feet. Smile.” I couldn’t believe it. Then I heard the doctor said it was the longest and most successful operation. All the tumor is out!!! I could barely open my eyes, and I was thirsty beyond belief. All I wanted was water.

After they took me upstairs to the observation room, all I wanted was the pain in my shoulder to go away and to drink. Neither was the cure for my ailments for the next few hours, but all I did was look at the clock and wait.

I was an amazing easy patient. I just wanted to leave really because home is the best place on earth!

So, there is a lot more room in my head now. No more pressure. No more concentration problems. No feeling extremely hot or cold anymore. No more puffiness in my face or gaining weight for no reason. No more burst of uncontrollable anger. Everything is gone! I just have to train my right brain to be dominant again, and live my life peacefully and be the genius I was before. 🙂

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