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Hello peeps!

Times like this are exceptional and we are currently living in unprecedented times. However, us techies may not be that affected by it while performing our work. We are sort of used to it and some of us prefer to be left alone. We still have a job to do but we can do it from anywhere. We just have to have proper access to our work’s main systems and work diligently.

However, many of us are still social beings and want to interact from time to time with others. Video conferencing is doing its job now, and we have so many technological tools to keep us connected, but will it last? Will it affect our behaviour weeks or months from now? Especially for those that are completely not used to it.

I don’t have the answers but we must deal with life one day at a time.

Anyways, my point is to get familiar with technological tools. We programmers helped create them for a reason, and not to be purposely self-isolating, but to mitigate difficult situations and help everyone find an alternative to their normal daily work activities.

Stay home and stay safe everyone! Work hard because many depend on us!

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