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I guess my last post was really popular. I didn’t know that Acoustic Neuroma caused that much pain and distortions after the surgery. Maybe I should have been more informed about this whole thing, but I decided that to be positive before the operation. I must know as little as possible. Who knew that opening a whole in my head was amazing? (I watched the operation on YouTube.. totally awesome!) I didn’t feel a thing because I was totally knocked out.

Anyways, I was watching other people’s stories on YouTube and their post-op experiences are way different. I remember when I was asked by the million and a half doctors that saw me if I was experiencing facial numbness and headaches, and I kept saying no. I wonder how much my vocabulary decreased around that time if the only two words I said were yes and no.

The stories that other people shared were bizarre. Even their facial features were distorted. My smile was a little crooked for the first two weeks and now it’s normal again. I had numbness on my right side of my face for a week or so but it was gone. Also, they recounted headaches and water coming out of their nose and they returned to the hospital.. oh my God.. knock on wood!

That’s it for me, but I have to go see a million doctors in the next few weeks. Yep!


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