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I was only curious, but I was not overly shocked.

I did a DNA test a couple months ago. I found an Internet ad directing me to 23andMe and I was a sucker to click and order my pack right away. Maybe since I had my surgery a couple years ago, I was curious to find out what “other” things may be implanted in my genes. Not only that, but they also told me my genetic ancestry. I know I am Arab from Palestine, and I had genes to also say that I am exactly from that region and have been for 100’s of years. I guess that tells you something.


So I did the test and there weren’t many known genetic health problems except the following:

Inherited Thrombophilia (Factor V Leiden- and Prothrombin-Related)  Hmm ok? It says that I have one copy of the Factor V Leiden variant in the F5 gene. Having this variant is associated with about five times higher odds of developing abnormal blood clots in people with European ancestry.


Also, I have inherited Familial Mediterranean Fever. It says I am a carrier and can pass the mutation. Interesting.


First off it says that I have 2.3% Neanderthal DNA. Say what? I am in the Haplogroup H4. Yeah!

But my ancestry composition was cool. It says I am 92.1% Middle Eastern & North African.

1_ancestry 2_ancestry

But this is the coolest report!




Very interesting! There are more details in the report though, but that is just the jits of it. Did you do the 23andMe DNA test? You should!


Anyways, I started my new course on Monday. It is Survey of Computing and Information Systems. It’s mostly a research based essay writing class. I guess that’s what Masters is for! People in my class are so diverse, and it’s my biggest class so far. About 30 people, and when I see a girl I get oh so excited. There is still a huge gap between males and females in technology and it drives me crazy.

I love Science and Technology!


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