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What? Masters?

Can we say luck and great timing? I don’t even want to think of why I applied for Masters of Science in Information Systems in Athabasca University. I actually like the courses they offer and they are not all technical. I tried my luck, applied, and I was accepted. Insane! Love it! I feel my luck is changing and things seem better than they were last year.

The good thing is that I can study part time at home and still work full time. Yay!

Right now at work I finished creating a mobile app. Good thing I have a Macbook Air Laptop and iPad. I used Phonegap to make the app because I don’t have time to learn Objective-C. It’s a little different when you’re the only IT person in the company. Whatever knowledge you have, build on it and apply it in minimal amount of time. There are many little projects and I have to organize myself to complete each one in the shortest time possible. Sometimes it’s great having so many tools to work with too. 🙂

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