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Hi guys,

Long time no post. I apologize, but I was busy trying to understand Operations Management and why it is a computer science course I need (I would not take any business/computer related course again). I think I perfected the math though and I learned new math proven techniques in determining how a massive operation can be a success or failure.

Will I ever use it in real life? It’s not the direction I am going or ever want to go. I decided last week that I have bigger plans, and management is not what I want. I miss the science. I am sticking to only that from now on. I know I have been taking one course a term, but I am only going to do it this year. Next spring I hope to take at least two courses so I can speed things a bit.

I finally get a break till September 14, but I am so bored already. I watched enough movies, TV shows, listened to audiobook (I would read, but I like listening to books while I am working.)

In other news, my custom made awesome website is finally picking up and people posting to it. I know it is hard and takes time, and I have been awful in being a good web master, but I am busy with school, work, life and watching TV. What’s funny the other day I got a catalogue in the mail with my website’s address on it. Hmm, ok?

Anyways, I am currently story boarding a new iPad/iPhone app. It’s a fun little project that I want to do, but I am not sure about my time commitment. I will decide soon, and I might as well make use of my little Macbook Air.

Why do I have so many Apple products?

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