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I remember a few weeks ago I got asked by a “doctor” who just has a PhD really, of why I am doing Masters. I was stunned not knowing why he had an evil smirk when he asked me that question. He had a face that witheld that expression of “Why you? Isn’t a BSc enough?”

I wanted to stand up and say, “Why the heck you spent your time getting a PhD?”

Is there a rivalry that I am not aware of that PhD ‘s have against Masters? What do you think?

On a better note, I am recovering slowly from a severe cold I had the past week. Every home remedy, cold medicine, and lots of sleep couldn’t help me recover quickly enough. I felt that the world had stopped. Good thing I didn’t have any major assignments or work projects to do. I think now I can focus again and get a research paper done in 10 days. 🙁

I am taking Organizational Behaviour in IT, and I have to pick a topic about implications of it in IT. Hmm, should I focus on leadership, decision making and creativity, motivation, or team dynamics. These are just few of the topics, but I seem to be leaning more towards decision making and creativity. What do you think I should do?


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