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Hello to those who read my brain dump. Last week after my phone doctor’s appointment and I was lectured by the doctor regarding some issues, I thought it was over and I can relax at home in my quarantine life. However, the next day my neurosurgeon assistant called and booked me to do an MRI the following week.

So Monday, 4 days ago, the MRI department called asking me all these questions regarding the virus and if I have symptoms. I said no. Then I was instructed that only one door at the hospital will be accessible to the public and they will ask me the same questions again.

Tuesday came and I journeyed to the hospital. I had to go through the ghost town that was the University where the geese were taking over the roads and I had to stop twice to let them cross.

As I walked to the front door of the hospital, only one of the double doors was accessible. Ladies behind plexiglass sat with notepads and asked me where I was going, and if I had any of the symptoms of the virus. I was cleared and she gave me a sticker that said I was a visitor only going to MRI. I was like thanks.

The guy before me was waiting for the elevator, and I refused to go in with him. I waited and went on the next lift. I walked down an eerie hallway where I usually hear a lot of people, but no one was there. I arrived to MRI and I was the only one and one lady masked behind the plexiglass told me to wait. I waited over one hour! Why? Not enough nurses/technicians and no patients.

The moment I was done being scanned, I didn’t even wait for the needle/contrast area to stop bleeding, I got dressed and left quickly. I was very uncomfortable being there. It was worse than doctors telling me I have a brain tumor.

So yeah. Don’t go to the hospital during this time, and even protest saying you are not comfortable going.

That’s my adventures the past couple of weeks. Stay home my friends!

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