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I remember one rainy afternoon, I got an email from a potential employer that asked me, “Yo.. why are you using WordPress and a pre-made theme? Why not make your own or program your own website?”

My exaggerated reply, “Dear ________ with a great starter business and no technology skills. I wanted a quick place on the web to advertise my skills and previous work, and not bother with creating a site from scratch to demonstrate that. I have links to my work, and my portfolio site is only a content archiver of what I have done.”

He replied saying, “Ohhhhh! I see. Do you want to come in for an interview and test. You must bring your own laptop because we don’t have any machines. Everyone brings their own. We don’t have the budget for computers.”

I laughed hysterically and replied saying, “I don’t have a laptop. I am not gonna fit in with the cool kids.”

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I write about my life!