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I think I am part of the generation where having computer skills are a hit or miss. I am not a millennial (sort of), or can be categorized as a computer whiz because I have a Computer Science degree and I can solve “technology” problems. Yet, I was always fascinated with technology since I was little, and I just grew up with it and it being a part of who I am. However, I have worked with people with very limited computer skills to the point where turning on a computer was a chore. I am not saying they are not qualified to do what they do, but technology is a big part now of their job and has to be a requirement to succeed every day.

How to train those people then? They can use their smart phones no problem, but when it gets to maneuvering between MS Excel and Word and a web site then it’s another story. I don’t understand it. Should software just be click with your finger and let it do its thing? Is that how we should make software now? Just click and play type of thing?

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