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It has been a few months I know. I even removed the blog portion of my site because it was distracting me thinking I should post because I can’t have a dead blog. Anyways, I even stopped posting on Twitter for a few months too. Time flies when you are seriously busy.

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Yet, was I really busy in the conventional sense? I’m not sure, but I was busy with school and work. Work is fine. Boring and uneventful as usual, but convenient for me because I can spend adequate time to focus on my courses. I spent January until April with intense group work and grad level essay writing particularly scientific style and peer review papers. The professor gave me a very high-grade (92%) and commented that I can peer review papers now for the scientific community. Then comes May till July where I had to take a programming course with a final exam. I booked the exam and took it at Fanshawe College (far away from my house), because somehow I wasn’t able to book an invigilator exam at Western online. After I took the final exam (it was mailed back to Alberta), which I have been dreading taking written exams for months because it gave me bad Deja vu of my Western days. Yet, last week I got my final grade and I aced the class. Wohoo! No more invigilator written exams in my program! A lot of people were doing course extension (extra two months to finish, and had hard time with the final crazy assignment and thought the course was immaculately hard and barely passed).

Now, I am free for one more week until my new course starts. I am not sure yet if I want to only do the essay route, or do the thesis route. I have to decide by November/December.

Anyways, what have I been leisurely doing all summer too? Beach. I spent too much time on the beach. Last time the bugs loved me too much. Therefore, no more beach, and I am eager for fall to arrive!


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